Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Pam Ellis Uses the Remnants Collection

Hello everyone!  Today we welcome back Pam Ellis, our Blue Fern Fan of the Month, for her second project.  This week Pam's layout is created using beautiful vintage shades, along burgundy, from our Remnants Collection.  What a wonderful color combination!

Pam began by applying clear Gesso to the background of the paper and lightly added green coloring to the center of the paper.  Next, she used a stencil and molding paste to add flowers to the background and colored them with a watercolor pencil.  After they dried, clear glue was added and then sprinkled with Blue Fern Studios Redwine Glitter.

Two doilies were die cut from the Mayfair paper, and additional layers were added.  The Persian Ornament chipboard piece was embossed with Blue Fern embossing powder and became the next layer.  Then the photo was added.  The last step was to add Blue Fern seedlings to the frame of the chipboard piece to add contrast.

Throughout the layout Pam added printed chipboard pieces that coordinate with the Remnants Collection, and raw chipboard that she embossed and use as her titles.  Blue Fern flowers from the Remnant Florals and Homespun Blossoms added the finishing touch!

Callaway, Mayfair, Westfield
from the Remnants Collection

Embossing Powder:



Persian Ornament
Families are Forever

Printed Chipboard:
Remnants Collection

Remnants Florals
Homespun Blossoms

A big thanks to Pam for this week's inspiration from our Fan of the Month!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Remnants and Apricot and Blooms Inspirations by Jennifer Jacques

Good Morning all Blue Fern Studios fans!

I'm thrilled to present my first layouts as a member of this beautiful team.

First, let me introduce myself.

I'm Jennifer, Pinkypie on social medias.
 I live in Quebec, Canada with my two beautiful girls of 17 and 10 years old, who are my main inspiration, and with the love of my life, Mike,  and his son.

I've been obsessed with scrapbooking since, at least, 12 years now.  
My scrapbooking style  is all about softness, clustering and romance.  

Since I have used chipboards on my layouts, i've had a crush on Blue Fern Studios products.
That's why I'm here loll!
A dream come true !

You can find me on

Blog: http://unevienerose.blogspot.ca/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.ca/jennyj127/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pinkypie127/ 
Sb.com: https://www.scrapbook.com/myplace/index.php?mod=galleries&login=1
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jennifer.jacques.562

Hope to inspire you all year long here on the  Blue Fern Studios blog!


And now, here are my three inspiration layouts for January.

Let's start with the first one.
  I used the beautiful new REMANTS collection products.

I first primed my background with clear gesso.  The background paper here is Remnants "Bloomsbury".  Also used "Mini-Remnants" paper in layers under my picture.

Then, I stamped here and there with brown ink and the Remnants Collage stamp 
on the backgroud paper.

See that beautiful pale pink Remnants blooms 😍😍

In order to place my chipboard title around my picture, I chose to cut it in two sections.  
I have embossed them with the Ivory embossing powder.  
I also placed under my picture some pieces of the 
Quatrefoil panel on which I used some red metallic paint.

Here, I printed the "Beautiful" word in the Distressed stamps set on some shrink plastic.  
Thanks to Tartine Peluche who remind me of this oldie stuff in my stash 😉  
It really makes a great effect, no?
It is placed on the white  Spring florals flower...

You can see on the next picture that I have used several colors of embossing powders on my chipboards in this  layout!  
I really fell in love with the green ones for the leaves.
Here is Avocado embossing powder on the Rose leaves chipboard and 
Forest embossing powder on the Thistle Spray chipboard.

Can you see the subtle tint of Green Ivory embossing powder on the 
Bohemian flower chipboard piece here, on the lace?  So soft ...

Finally, I have used some printed Remnants chipboards,some Burgundy seedlings and some other flowers from my stash to finish this layout.

Hope you like this one 🙈

Blue Fern Studios products used here

Papers: Remnants

-Quatrefoil panel
-Rose Leaves
-Bohemian flowers
-Thistle Spray
Printed Remnants chipboard shapes

-Remnants collage
-Distressed titles

Embossing Powder
-Green Ivory


-7A ivory

-Remnants blooms
-Spring Florals


Now, my second Remnants collection layout.

My background here is the beautiful "Callaway" paper.  
Also primed it with clear gesso.  
Under my picture, "Chancery lane" and b-side of "Mayfair" paper.

Next, to make my focal point, I placed my pic on some parts of Quilted page panel chipboard.

 I've used Black Sand embossing powder on this one and really like the 2 tones effect with beautiful "sandy" texture.  You can see on this next picture that I have paint in black a butterfly that I have cut from some Flutter page dangles chipboard piece, also add some mists. 
 After that, I embossed it with Ebony embossing powder and the Penned Flourishes stamp.  
See the Remnants blooms that I have sprayed also to coordinate  the colors of my layout.

The Arrow word " Sweet" with  Ebony embossing powder as the title: simple as that 😏
Can also see the heartbreaking white Remnants florals.  Love those ones...
Some printed Remnants chipie and Garden Blooms too.

As embellishments, I used here and there some vellum circles on witch I embossed the
Texture circles stamps with the Ebony powder.

Here, I just left the Branch set chipboard pieces natural cause it matched my layout that way loll.
Some Tickled and Purple haze seedlings and white drops as final touches.

Blue Fern Studios products used here

Papers: Remnants collection
-Chancery lane
-Mayfair (b-side)

- Quilted page panel
-Arrow words
-Flutter page dangles
-Branch set
Printed Remnants chipboard shapes

-Texture circles
-Penned flourishes

Embossing Powder
-Black sand

-Purple haze

-Remnants blooms
-Remnants florals (white)
-Garden blooms (pink)


For my last layout this month, I chose the Amber and Abricot collection 
which was one of my favorite last year.

Here, I used two papers as the background: "Birdsong" and a piece of the b-side "Yesterday" paper that I've placed in the middle of the first one.  
Primed them with clear gesso, then add some texture with modeling paste through a stencil.
  Finally, I've done some watercoloring with yellow mists and the background was done.

I've just used the Amber and Abricot printed chipboards here.  
Some chipie under my picture and two borders below.

Here is a chipboard from Serendpity words1 as the title.  
Embossed it with the Hot cocoa embossing powder.
Another "glittery" color that I've fallen in love with 😍

Some random stamping with brown ink and the Honey bits stamp.

You can see above some beautiful flowers from 
Fresh floral (ivory) and Apricot blooms (white) kits.
Below, Homespun blooms (brown) and white Apricot blooms again.


After that, I've made my usual final touches, some white drops and add a mix of 
Paprika and Twig seedlings.

Blue Fern Studios products used here

Papers: Amber and Apricot collection

-Amber and Apricot printed chipboard shapes
-Serendipity words 1

-Honey bits

Embossing Powder
-Hot cocoa


-Apricot blooms
-Fresh florals
-Homespun blooms


Hope you have found some inspiration here.
See you next month 😊

Friday, January 12, 2018

January Remnants Inspirations by Sharon

Good Morning Everyone.
I am so excited to be a part of this amazing design team for 2018!
I cannot wait to share my layouts with you, but first let me introduce myself:

My name is Sharon Fritchman.  I am a registered nurse by day.  I love photography, music, theater, art, and especially scrapbooking.  My husband and I have been married for 28 years - we have 2 beautiful daughters, Katie and Anne.  We adopted Anne from China 15 years ago - that's when I learned about lifebooks and got interested in photography and scrapbooking, and I haven't stopped since.  My scrapbooking style is eclectic and has evolved over the years. I also have an identical twin sister who lives nearby - we are best friends.  If you saw us together, you wouldn't know who is who!!!  

You can find me on . . .

I go by Sharon or sfritchey on social media.
Enough about me . . . onto the exciting stuff, my first 3 design team layouts.  

I used the beautiful Remnants collection for all 3 of my pages this month.  I just couldn't resist!


Layout #1:  Families are Forever
I used a photo of my twin sister (I told you we are identical!!), my older sister, and me from way back when!  My older sister passed away some years ago from ovarian cancer, and I miss her dearly . . .  I love this butterfly quote and thought it went perfectly with this paper and stamp from the Remnants collection.

My layout was made with love in my sister's memory.

Here are some close-ups:

 I mounted my photo on the opposite side of the beautiful Beaumont paper from the Remnants collection.  Next I framed it with Dreamcatcher chipboard that I embossed with Blue Fern Garnet embossing powder.  I enjoyed adorning it wth the beautiful Remnants chipboard shapes and Remnants blooms, too!

To make my title, I embossed Families are Forever chipboard with Antique Gold embossing powder. Then sprinkled it with some lovely flaming and glass seedlings!

Here is another view:

My favorite part was using the butterfly quote by Dave Hedges to personalize it in memory of my dear sister.  The butterflies on the paper are just perfect here!!!!

Blue Fern Product List:
Paper: Remnants Beaumont - both sides
Chipboard: Families are Forever, Dream Catcher, Branch Set, Remnants Printed Chipboard Shapes
Embossing Powder: Garnet, Antique Gold, Ivory
Glitter: Ruby Slippers
Stamp: Remnants Collage
Flowers: Remnants Florals, Homespun Blooms
Seedlings: Flaming, Glass
Lace:  Lace 3

Layout #2 :  Find Joy in the Journey
This time I used a photo taken on the Asbury Park, NJ, boardwalk on a misty morning.  I was inspired by the moody and beautiful Remnants paper collection!

Here are some close ups:

I framed my photo with Remnants Mayfair and embossed the edges with Dark Chocolate embossing powder.  I also added 2 chipboard Industrial Corners embossed with Dark Chocolate embossing powder to add to the mood.

I enjoy stamping on my pages and love the Remnants Collage stamp!

This page was a labor of love for me.  I thoroughly enjoyed making it using all of the amazing Blue Fern products!!!

Blue Fern Product List:
Paper: Remnants Callaway, Mayfair
Chipboard: Find Joy in the Journey, Industrial Corners, Remnants printed Chipboard shapes
Embossing Powder: Dark Chocolate
Glitter: Merlot
Stamp: Remnants Collage
Seedlings: Purple Haze, Mauve
Lace:  Ivory Braded Trim

Layout #3:  Live Your Dream

I absolutely LOVE the Remnants collection and couldn't stop creating with it.  I picked a photo of my mom taken long before she became a mom or a teacher, which was her dream.  It wasn't easy for women to go to college back then, and I always used her as my example!!

Here are some close ups:

I used the chipboard Live Your Dream as my title and embossed it with the gorgeous Copper embossing powder.  I also embossed the chipboard Braided Frame with Copper embossing powder to give my layout a cohesive feel.  Don't you just love the photo of my mom?  She was so stylish and beautiful!!!

I know I have said this before, but I just have to say again how much I love the Remnants collection and creating my 3 pages with it.  

Blue Fern Product List:
Paper: Remnants Highgate
Chipboard: Live Your Dream, Braided Frame, Remnants Printed Chipboard Shapes
Embossing Powder: Copper
Glitter: Mocha
Stamp: Remnants Collage
Flowers: Remnants Florals, Remnants Paper Blooms
Seedlings: Glass, Twig
Lace:  Lace 3


I hope you are inspired to make some scrapbook pages with your treasured photos!  The Remnants collection is perfect for this.  And it doesn't have to take you forever to create pages when you have all of the Blue Fern Studios' products at your fingertips!

I can't wait to see you again next month.  In the mean time,  happy scrapping everyone!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

January Inspirations and Video Tutorial by Jessica

Hi everyone!  Hopefully you had a nice Christmas and New Year! I am super excited to be part of the awesome design team here at Blue Fern Studios for 2018.  I would like to introduce myself before I share my layouts.

My name is Jessica McFall and I tried mixed media scrapbooking for the first time in August, 2015.  I absolutely loved it!  In my personal life, I recently became an aunt to two awesome nephews!  They are TOO CUTE!  I am also the mother to my lovely cat Crimson. :-D  She is amazing, even if you are not a "cat person".  If my dad can grow fond of her, I think anyone can. haha

Here are the links to my websites:

Now, on with the show!

"Cherish Life"

For my first layout, I used the Beaumont Paper from the Remnants Collection for my background.

I cut one of the frames from the Ever After Frame Set in half, then used one of the halves on the left side of my page.  It was embossed with Night Sky Embossing Powder, and Red Wine Glitter was added in spots on the chipboard.  After that, I used the Penned Flourishes Stamp and embossed the image over it with Ivory Embossing Powder.

The flower on the left side of the page is from the Late Winter Lilies Flowers Set.  Using the Remnants Printed Chipboard, I decided to create the title for my layout - "Cherish Life".

My picture has been matted on parts of the Callaway Paper from the Remnants Collection.

Behind the picture, I added another frame from the Ever After Frame Set and embossed it with Green Ivory Embossing Powder.  Notice how the Meadow Seedlings add a nice touch to the chipboard.

To the left of the picture, I used a flower from the Remnants Blossoms, one from the Wanderlust Lilies set, and the rose at the bottom is from the Happy Roses set.

In the picture above, you get a nice closeup of the Branch Set Chipboard.

More Meadow Seedlings and Remnants Printed Chipboard to the right of the picture balances the layout very well.

The You Make Me Smile Chipboard in the center of the page was first embossed with Night Sky Embossing Powder, then I added Ivory Embossing Powder in spots over the Night Sky.

Remnants - Beaumont
Remnants - Callaway 

Remnants - Printed Chipboard
Branch Set
You Make Me Smile
Ever After Frame Set

Wanderlust Lilies
Late Winter Lilies
Remnants Blooms
Happy Roses

Embossing Powder
Night Sky
Green Ivory


Red Wine

Penned Flourishes



For my second layout titled "Joy", I included a video tutorial below mostly in fast forward.  I would love answering extra questions that you may have.  Please post them in the comments section here or on the Blue Fern Studios Youtube page and I will get back to you ASAP.

My background paper is Westfield from the Remnants Collection.  I used the Butterflies, Tattered Newsprint, and the Crackle Textures Stamps to create my background.

To the left and right edges of my layout, I embossed the Floral Lattice Bits Chipboard with Ivory Embossing Powder then Pearl Embossing Powder and added Burgundy Seedlings.

I also put the word Happy from the Remnants Printed Chipboard to the right edge of my page.

For this layout, I used two sets of flowers.  The Homespun Blossoms and Heartland Blossoms work well together since they both have beautiful white flowers.  The matting under my picture was created by embossing pieces of the Mini Remnants Paper with the Rose Frame and Journaling Cards Stamps with Dark Chocolate Embossing Powder.

To the right of the picture, pieces of the Ever After Frame Set were embossed with Ivory Embossing Powder.  The flowers have Russett Glitter added to the centers.

The title "Joy" comes from part of the Find Joy Chipboard and was embossed with Ivory Embossing Powder.

I randomly added some Meadow Seedlings in places around the page.

And here is my video tutorial that I promised.  My goal was to try and include a few explanations and tips that may not be in other video tutorials.  Anyhow, I hope it is fun and informative.  Have fun creating!

Remnants - Westfield
Remnants - Mini Remnants

Remnants - Printed Chipboard
Floral Lattice Bits
Ever After Frame Set
Find Joy

Homespun Blossoms
Heartland Blossoms

Embossing Powder
Dark Chocolate



Rose Frame Set
Journaling Cards
Crackle Textures
Tattered Newsprint



My last layout I would like to share with you is a winter themed layout using several of the Vintage Christmas Collection papers.  I chose to use the Auld Lang Syne paper for my background.

After adding clear gesso to my paper, I used some matte gel medium to attach various cards from the Holiday Cards paper and Greeting Cards paper.  I also used some of these cards as matting for my picture.  After adding texture with a stencil and texture paste, I used a little bit of taupe mist around my stenciled area.  After I added all of my elements to my layout, I decided I wanted more color over the taupe mist.  I chose another stencil with matte gel medium then sprinkled some Mauve Seedlings over the matte gel.  I was very glad I did.  

I embossed the Ornate Medallions Chipboard with Pearl Embossing Powder, and while it was still hot, I sprinkled some White Gold Glitter on top to add a bit of sparkle.  To add more dimension to the page, I used some of the Vintage Christmas Printed Chipboard.  I LOVE how it can be used as a subtle accent to layouts or can be used as a focal point on a layout!  They are really versatile and fit the collections well.

The blue and white flowers are part of the Christmas Blooms set.  On the tips of each flower I added Blue Ice Glitter to make it have a frosty look.

The pink flowers on the page are part of the Remnants Blossoms set.  They also have some Blue Ice Glitter on the petal tips.

To help "anchor" the photo and the title, I added pieces of the Leafy Page Accents Chipboard.  I cut one of the chipboard pieces in half and embossed it with Green Ivory Embossing Powder.

I cut the word "Wonderful" from one of the Vintage Christmas Printed Chipboard pieces for the title of my layout.  I like how it looks like it is resting on the pink Remnants Blossoms flower.

Vintage Christmas - Auld Lang Syne
Vintage Christmas - Holiday Cards
Vintage Christmas - Greeting Cards

Vintage Christmas - Printed Chipboard
Leafy Page Accents
Ornate Medallions

Remnants Florals
Christmas Blooms

Embossing Powder
Green Ivory


Blue Ice
White Gold


Thank you for taking a look at my layouts today!  I will see you next month!

~ Jessica